6 Reasons to study in MALAYSIA

Malaysia , One of the popular places in South East Asia. There’s many foreigners love to stay in Malaysia regardless of retirements or study. We are going to tell your what’s the reason that people would love to study in Malaysia 🙂

1. Lower Cost of Living

Compared with other popular study abroad destinations (such as Australia, US, UK), the living costs of studying in Malaysia are relatively low. For example, research shows that the average cost of living in Malaysia is $72 (RM298) per person, per day, however Australia is $139 (RM575) per person, per day. From the data, we can see that the cost of living in Australia is more expensive than Malaysia. If unnecessary expenses are deducted, the cost of living in Malaysia will be lower.

2. Tourist Spot

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is one of the safest and politically stable countries in the world, with a relatively low crime rate. The weather in Malaysia is sunny and rainy throughout the year, without extreme cold or hot weather, and also there are no natural disasters. Malaysia has a variety of amazing natural landscapes, such as Langkawi, Taman Negara and Cameron Highlands, to ensure that you will never miss all the sightseeing and activities.

3. International Degree

There’s many top ranking university set up their campus in Malaysia such as Southampton UK , Nottingham Uk , Monash Malaysia & Curtin Sarawak and etc. And modern university such as coventry , Teesside , Bangor University and etc also work with local private university & college so students can award a oversea degree with lower cost.

4. Multicultural

Malaysia is a country with diverse cultures. Malaysia has multiple races, including Malays, Chinese, Indians, and ethnic minorities. Malaysians are friendly and sociable. Moreover, Malaysian cuisine is also essential, you can taste different cuisines in different regions, such as Penang asam laksa, Melaka chicken rice balls and Ipoh white coffee. Also, the representative food of Malaysia includes nasi lemak, cendol, satay, roti canai, hokkien mee and others. Hence, it is not only allowing international students to experience a different culture, but also makes it easier for them to integrate and adapt to life in Malaysia.

5. Part Time Job Available

Compare to China & Korea , student who study in Malaysia allow to do part time and gaining work experiences during university life. The minimum wages start from RM5 per hour where you can choose places & any job as you wish.

6. Delicious Foods

Malaysia is one of food paradise ! You can taste many authentic dishes from Malay , Chinese , Indian cuisine 🤩 with a malaysian taste. Of course there’s are many foreigners set up restaurants in Malaysia such as Korean, Japanese, China mainland ,Vietnam and etc.

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