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TSMC – The Songwritter Music College

TSMC – The Songwritter Music College


TSMC – The Songwritter Music College

TSMC is the FIRST music college in Singapore to provide diplomas that specializes in songwriting.

The Songwriter Music College is a platform to inspire young people to pursue their passion in music with gusto and purpose to produce consistent, credible and popular compositions in music and lyrics. They are always actively nurturing and discovering promising young talents in the region, while continually expanding musicians’ regional outreach through music publishing and music production.

Their faculty and mentors are painstakingly selected to share their music attitude, knowledge and their industry exposure to help the students gain the required technical knowledge, spirit and confident for their future in music. They strive to bring the industry into your ‘ ‘classroom’ and help to pave the first step into the industry and create ‘YOUR FUTURE IN MUSIC

The Songwriter Music College commits to offer each student a sanctuary; conducive and creative environment for learning, development and collaboration. As users of these facilities, students are encouraged to assist the school in maintaining the facilities and equipment. Students will have access to ample studios to facilitate them in the learning and creative work.


TSMC is the FIRST music college in Singapore to provide diplomas that specializes in songwriting.
Taught by current industry practitioners to share chart-topping methodologies.

Backed by a strong Industry Advisory Board consisting of members such as veteran singer – Wakin Chau 周华健, Former President of Warner Chappell Asia – Monica Lee, CEO of mm2 Asia Ltd. – Chang Long Jong and many other veterans in the music industry.
Sister company Funkie Monkies Publishing Pte. Ltd. as the publishing arm to help students publish their songs internationally.

With a strong ecosystem in place, be assured that we are your DIRECT link to the current music industry!
A coming-together of industry greats and experts, TSMC is borne from the passion to inspire the next generation of singer-songwriters, songwriters and music producers. It is an initiative by Funkie Monkies, together with mm2 Asia Ltd. as a strategic partner, bridging music education and current industry know-how.

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