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Shelton College


Shelton College

Established in 1993, Shelton College International has dedicated itself to providing a quality MOE-approved coursework that would lead to superior academic and professional qualifications.

At Shelton, students are empowered to excel through the acquisition of thinking and process skills in turn, encouraging them to understand their individual competencies within our conducive study environment. This is to ensure the attainment of our main purpose – the holistic development of every student here.

We seek to develop future leaders and this is further augmented through internship opportunities with our extensive network of industrial partners. Our coursework is Internationally accredited, offering added options to our students to go global.

Shelton College International endeavours to be the place where leaders of tomorrow are groomed. I welcome you to discover the nature of our school by exploring what we offer. I hope your time spent here is enlightening, fruitful, enjoyable and thus, exceedingly memorable.

Why Shelton College

By the year 2003 Shelton College International was one of the first 20 pioneering private education organisation schools to receive the Singapore Quality Class Award. In the year 2005 Shelton was one of the first few SQC schools to implement the Student Protection Scheme (SPS) and is at the forefront of the accreditation assessment.

These awards are in recognition that Shelton College International (SCI) provides excellent teaching facilities, a quality academic team and sound educational management principles that place students on the pathway to becoming well rounded holistic individuals. With more than 10 years of blemish free record with international students we are proud to share this honour with our students and their parents, our agents and industry partners and our colleagues. Shelton is proud about our accomplishment and will continue in our journey towards excellence.

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