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3D Sense Media School

3D Sense Media School


3D Sense Media School

3D sense Media School is a pioneering digital arts school in Asia, preparing students for careers in the media and entertainment industry for over 14 years. We focus on providing industry-based training for Visual Effects, Animation, Motion Design and Illustration. 

Graduates from our school have been gainfully employed in many of the biggest media and entertainment studios globally, such as Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic, Framestore, Bandai Namco, Ubisoft, MPC and many more. In 2017, the school was ranked by Autodesk | The Rookies international student as #2 in the world for Digital Illustration and #4 for Next-Gen Gaming.

Besides education, the school also plays a major role in fostering a vibrant arts & design industry through its events and masterclasses. These include CGOverdrive, Asia’s largest computer graphics conference (2006-2010); the CG Hero Awards 2013 and START 2014.

3dsense has been appointed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency since 2008 as a Continuing Education & Training Centre (CET) to develop talent for the digital media industry.

Why 3D Sense Media School

World-Class Mentors
From international studios such as Pixar, Disney and Lucasfilm, our lecturers are some of the best creative geniuses you can find. Our full-time Program Directors have each over 10-18 years of production experience. They do not merely impart their craft and techniques, but above all, build your mindset required to become a professional.

Dedicated Facilities
As our goal is to prepare you for employment, the course simulates the real-world studio environment. Studying here can therefore be intensive, so we do our best by giving every student 1:1 dedicated access to fully-equipped workstations, even on weekends and holidays.

Staying connected with the industry is vital to being current with the trends and development of the real world. This also means, our students are accessing the latest techniques, in both software , hardware and process; as well as following the rules of the industry when it comes to film, games or any forms of media productions.
Job Prospects

Graduates from our school have been gainfully employed in many of the world’s biggest media and entertainment studios. Over 40% of them today work overseas in cities such as Vancouver, London, Sydney and Beijing. 

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